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Tired of burning the midnight oil trying to prepare quality mold inspection report forms for your clients ? Let us increase your firms productivity and professional image.

Looking to download a trial version of our mold inspection report software? Congratulations you made the right choice. Your new mold inspection reporter (MIR) software is designed to help guide you through the any mold investigation process large or small with ease. You can prepare very informative and professional looking mold inspection reports based on client interviews, property history, interior inspections, exterior inspections, environmental readings, and viable or non viable sample results. Every page of the report has helpful information for your client as well as disclaimers specifying the limitations of a mold investigation, thus adding a degree of legal protection for you. The program can be used to prepare reports based on mold investigations as well as on the sampling of air born bacteria, dust mites, roach, mice, rat, cat, and dog allergens thus providing you an additional source of income. In addition, you can more thoroughly investigate potential sources of IAQ complaints.

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Mold Inspection Reporter Software
Mold Inspection Reporter Software
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